Top Ten Simple Daily Disciplines For A Better Body & Mind

  1. Start drinking Aloe Vera Gel every day
    1. Health tonic
    2. Packed with vitamins and minerals
    3. Natural anti-inflammatory
    4. Natural anti-viral
    5. Moisturises and cleanses the body, skin, hair, joints
    6. Positive effect on the gut flora
    7. Aids health digestion
  2. Start drinking lemon water
    1. Balance internal pH levels
    2. Boost your immune system
    3. Aids digestion
    4. Clear skin
    5. Boosts your energy
    6. Helps with weight loss
  3. Keep hydrated
    1. Increase your energy levels
    2. Aids digestion
    3. Transports nutrients round the body
  4. Book a Health & Wellness appointment
    1. Create enlightenment and relaxation in your life
    2. Change your attitude towards certain areas in your life
    3. Leave your baggage behind
  5. Do a cleanse at least once a year
    1. This could be the famous Forever Clean 9
    2. Or another cleanse that would suit your needs and lifestyle
    3. A cleanse can create harmony within the body and mind.
  6. Have a dream, set your goals, be proactive, and ACT
    1. Your dream could be to improve your health
    2. Set your goals on getting there ie diet change, exercise, supplements, cleanse
    3. Be proactive and ask for help, make an appointment for advice
    4. None of the above will work if you don’t act!
  7. Have a good nights sleep
    1. Your body rebuilds itself when we sleep
    2. Your brain works better after a good sleep, you can concentrate
  8. Smile and be happy
    1. Send natural endorphins round your body
  9. Smoking
    1. It decreases the oxygen in your system
    2. You have a higher risk of dis-ease, cancer, strokes and more
    3. It’s expensive
    4. Can cause high blood pressure (HBP)
    5. Your teeth and skin will become yellow
    6. Stop now and book an appointment for help with us or your local GP
  10. Alcohol and Caffeine
    1. Both dehydrate you
    2. You can become addicted to both
    3. Alcohol can inhibit your behaviour
    4. Alcohol can contribute to depression
    5. Caffeine can affect your sleep
    6. Try to stop or reduce your intake

So be proactive, contact us and we will be reactive by creating you a specialised health programme.

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