Step 2 – Habit

Cherish is a 7 step journey to happiness created by Jane Scanlan

Cherish is a 7 step journey to happiness created by Jane Scanlan

The second stage of cherish is to help you, our client, connect with your feelings, and be aware of yourself and others. As you already have a basic knowledge of maslows hierarchy of needs and the ancient Chakra system, we will touch base there and see how you feel this relates to you.

There will be a lecture based around the Sacral Chakra, illnesses that are related to energy imbalances and lessons we can learn by looking at this energy centre.

We at cherish value your opinions and experiences, so now you get to discuss the lecture with us and, if you are in a group setting, with your fellow class mates too.

Ultimately we don’t want to leave you there, with your negative experiences and bad habits that you can’t give up. So we teach you several self help techniques to get you through the next 7 days, and to help keep your good habits in focus and your bad ones in the past. We will also offer you Homeopathic Chakra remedies, and Forever Living Products that may help you if you have one of the conditions related to an imbalance in this Chakra.

We are here to help you improve your life.

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