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Company History

Founded in 1978 on little more than inspiration and hard work, Forever Living Products is now a multi-billion dollar, life-changing company that manufactures and sells hundreds of wellness and beauty products all around the world. Drawing on years of experience, innovative new ideas, solid values and unsurpassed quality control.

Rex Maughan

It was Rex Maughan’s passion for better health, quality products and financial freedom that inspired him to found Forever Living Products in 1978. With a degree in Business from Arizona State University and over 40 years of practical experience, his leadership and his vision have taken Forever Living Products from a smart, customized plan presented to a group of close family and friends in Tempe, Arizona to a worldwide enterprise that now enhances the lives of millions.

Global Leadership Team

The Global Leadership Team or GLT is comprised of Forever’s top distributors.  Their leadership has proven essential to the growth of FLP, and the expansion of teams around the world.  Partnering with Rex, Gregg and the rest of the FLP management team, the GLT’s efforts to train emerging leaders on critical 4 Core principles is vital to their success.

Building Brighter Futures

The true faces behind Forever Living aren’t those of executives, marketers, sales people and computer technicians, they are the people who make our products, those who use our products and those who believe in our products. At Forever Living, we believe our greatest legacy is what we do for others and how we do it. AND WE DO IT!

Get to know who we are, and you’ll see why Forever Living is so much more than just another company.

World Class Team

As an integral part of manufacturing, research and development, and worldwide sales Aloe Vera of America has assembled a world class team of employees, diligent and loyal hard working people, many of whom have been here for over 30 years. Throughout our organization, we all take pride in the fact that we are playing an integral part in helping create some of the most fantastic products in the world. The way we see it… That’s a good day’s work.

The Miracle Plant

As one of the oldest recognized botanicals with benefits for the body, Aloe Vera has long been lauded for its natural soothing, cooling, and moisturizing abilities. When applied to your skin, it can soothe minor burns, comfort and moisturize stressed skin, and even help aid in your skin’s ability to regenerate itself. But the real magic to Aloe Vera is when you consume it. Taking Aloe Vera on a daily basis will aid in digestion as well as enhance the absorption of nutrients – up to three times as shown in recent research studies. With science, innovation and our devoted research and development team, we endeavour to bring the best Aloe directly to you.

Aloe Products

We think about Aloe Vera… a lot. This miracle plant is not only the inspiration, but the foundation behind our ever evolving lines of skin care, cosmetics, hair care and aloe drinks. It drives the constant innovation of our research and development team and allows us to grow every year with new and better products. It’s been said, “The more we know about Aloe Vera, the more we love it!”

Products Lab

Forever Living Products employs globally respected scientists who are world leaders in product development. Because of their dedication, Forever Living are able to bring you the most innovative products and a level of quality that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Forever Nutraceutical

Forever Living is a culture of excellence and Forever Nutraceutical is no exception. Our 82,500 square foot manufacturing facility is the envy of the industry. Every year, we manufacture over 2 billion tablets, 20 million bottles, 2 million cases, and over 5 million pounds of herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, vital nutrients, bioflavonoids and proteins

Quality Control Throughout

Our chemical engineering department diligently inspects all raw materials, checks Ph, viscosity, colour, appearance, preservative and ascorbic acid value before the compounding department uses them in our many products. And once our final products are created, we recheck finished goods with the same level of vigilance so that when any of our Aloe Vera products are released, our Distributors and consumers can rest assured that everything that has the Forever Living label on it is exactly the way it’s supposed to be. Perfect…

Quality Certified

Forever Living is committed to bringing you products with the highest standards in the world and we actively seek out external certifications to prove that to you.

Shipping & Distribution

Aloe Vera of America process about 8 million gallons of pure Aloe Vera gel through our facility every year. Our Distributors have come to depend on the highest quality products and on time delivery. At Aloe Vera of America we take great pride in knowing that we are able to manufacture products that have consistently made a positive impact on individuals, families and Distributors all around the world.

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