Life Changing Supplements

For the majority, your health is in your own control. There is so much knowledge out there and it is up to each and every one of us to access it and use it to help improve our lifestyle and our health.

A healthy life just needs to start with the basics: healthy eating, good sleep, exercise, calm moments and supplements that made all of the previous words happen.

It is okay to take small steps toward becoming the best that you can be, by slowly introducing changes like supplements into your life, you will more likely keep them in your life. You will know in time if they are right for you.

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My View

Supplements, Homeopathy and complementary therapies changed my life, hence this rather large Life Changing Supplements section on my website. In my late teens and into my late twenties I was overweight (although I didn’t think I was), had low energy levels, felt lethargic every morning and had many strong cravings. I was a relatively healthy person, ate home cooked fresh meals, exercised a few times a week, slept quite well and had fairly regular complementary therapy session but ate too many processed carbohydrates and drank too much alcohol. As a consequence I could never shift that extra stone or two, and my thoughts were quite negative. But I was always striving to become a better, healthier and happier person. Slowly but surely I set about a plan to get me there.

I had been using Homeopathy since 2000, for physical ailments, emotional upsets and to help boost my immune system. I knew it worked and had great interest in finding out how and why it worked. So I started my studies in 2008 with The Lakeland Homeopathy College and learned to take responsibility for me. This in turn made me independent for my health and well being.

When I first stumbled upon Emotional Freedom Technique in 2004, through a Homeopath I knew at the time, I loved it. It is very easy to use and all EFT Practitioners are encouraged to pass on the skills to their clients helping them to become independent. You may be seeing a pattern here.

So when Forever Living Products came into my life in the form of Lorraine Turnpenny, a fellow Homeopath and student of The Lakeland College of Homeopathy, I saw the benefits and independent business opportunity. She was very excited about the wonderful products they had to offer and suggested that they may be able to help some of my digestive problems. I started using the products and within two weeks I was hooked, not only had it cleared my digestive problems, I no longer had brittle nails or dry skin. I needed this business in my business and so the independence continued…

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