Tissue Salt Programme


During pregnancy, you and your baby require certain salts or minerals to help develop and grow. The various cells of the human body all contain different levels of specific cell salts. In order to maintain good health the cell salts need to be kept in balance. Even with a healthy diet and prenatal nutrients a woman may not be able to digest or assimilate the minerals she is consuming so a deficiency can occur.

Homeopathic tissue salts or cell salts are very beneficial, they stimulate the cells to uptake the necessary inorganic mineral salts from the diet that can be difficult to absorb. The tissue salt program will help to replenish any salt deficiencies in the mother and help nourish the baby with the necessary minerals to grow. Cell salts could be considered the basic building blocks of the cells. The Tissue Salts are prepared in a very dilute form, making them non-toxic and completely safe to use during pregnancy.

I used the tissue salt programme in my pregnancy to help to prevent some common problems such as morning sickness, cramps, stretch marks, puffy ankles and varicose veins. Although I have pre pregnancy stretch marks, I have none from my pregnancy or breast feeding and I put this all down to the Tissue Salt Programme.


Take one tablet of each of the following in a 6X potency twice a day (morning and evening)

  • Months 2 and 6 Calc Fluor, Mag Phos, Ferrum Phos
  • Months 3 and 7 Calc Fluor, Mag Phos, Nat Mur
  • Months 4 and 8 Calc Fluor, Nat Mur, Silica
  • Months 5 and 9 Calc Fluor, Ferrum Phos, Silica

Which remedy is for what?

Calc Fluor – for bone development and elasticity of connective tissue, helping to prevent stretch marks, circulatory problems, haemorrhoids and varicose veins.

Mag Phos – for nerve and muscle development, therefore reducing the chance of heartburn. It’s also very helpful for night cramps and restless legs.

Ferrum Phos – aids blood oxygenation, hence reducing the tendency to anaemia, tiredness and inflammation in the body.

Natrum Mur – by controlling the fluid balance in the body it helps to prevent fluid retention. Nat Mur also supports the nerves and muscles, including the heart. It can be helpful if you have swollen ankles and fingers. It can help to maintain even blood pressure.

Silica – is a component of the connective tissues, the epidermis, the mucous membranes, the hair, nails, the bones and nerves. It can be helpful in the development of strong teeth, bones and hair and general strength. Silica helps provide tissues with hold, firmness and resistance properties.

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