Pregnancy & Beyond Kits

I have produced these Pregnancy, Birthing and Beyond Homeopathic Kits to help women have the natural birth they desire. They are simple to use and very effective. They contain 10 single homeopathic remedies and 10 combination homeopathic remedies, with an easy to use guide. The homeopathic remedies have been specifically chosen.

I hope that you find it useful in your pregnancy, during the birthing process and for both you and your baby post birthing. Your birthing partner can also take the remedies if they are feeling any of the complaints.


Keep your remedies in the original container they are supplied in. Store away from strong light, heat and strong odours or perfumes. Store away from microwaves, wireless devices such as mobile phones and computers, and any strong magnets.

Taking Remedies and Dosage

Whilst pregnant, giving birth and post birth your body is working at a faster pace than normal and therefore the remedies that you take are at a higher potency; all remedies in this kit are 200c.

To take a remedy carefully place one remedy into the cap of the container and then tip the remedy into your mouth, place under your tongue and let it dissolve or chew it. Do not take anything strong 10-15mins before or after your remedy.

A baby will take on the remedies from the mother’s breast milk but remedies can also be put into baby’s bath or under baby’s armpit for 5mins.

Urgent/Acute Attacks

1 remedy every 10mins for 4 doses, then reassess the situation.

Less Urgent Needs

1 dose 3 times a day until symptoms change, then reassess the situation.

Safety First

If serious injuries or illnesses occur please seek immediate medical advice. Always use your common sense and call your doctor, NHS Direct or dial 999 for an ambulance if needed, you should still be able to use homeopathy while you wait for the help to arrive and you may be able to continue homeopathic treatment whilst in hospital.

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