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My View

When I became pregnant in 2010 I was ecstatic. Unfortunately I became a single parent at four months gestation; apparently it was not the right time for him but I am happy to say he is a part of our daughters’ life now and they have a great little relationship which is growing. It was probably the hardest period in my life but I was armed with the right tools and knew the right people to ask for help, I also had a great network of family and friends around. So I went about healing my emotions, cleansing my mind, body and soul, learning to forgive and striving to be the healthiest pregnant lady I knew. As a result my pregnancy was wonderful, my baby grew well and I loved my new life.

For some people it is not so easy. There is an increase in fertility problems worldwide, genetics, toxins in the body and environmental pollutants play a huge role. Many women are overweight or gain too much weight in their pregnancy and then find it difficult to give birth naturally, which in turn puts a strain on the NHS and Labour Wards.

I really wanted to change this cycle, and thought with a few simple daily disciplines the health of many could be improved. So in the next few pages I will share with you everything I used and did, so you too can have the pregnancy you deserve.

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