Feeling great whilst detoxing!

Hello All

It’s the first day of the new Clean 9 or C9 as we are now referring to it, I have my free foods at the ready and quite frankly it’s not as scary as it used to be. If you like food and eating this is the way forward.Aloe Vera and pressed apple juice



Aloe Vera and pressed apple juice

I’ve had my aloe and pressed apple juice mix (I add this to give me more fluids), garcinia, bee pollen at  home and then a pear for breakfast at work.

I’ve had a argi+ instead of my coffee this morning, to keep my mind focused at work and to get more fluids in me.

I’ve had my aloe, garcinia, bee pollen and a chocolate shake for my lunch, with an apple.

And for my dinner I’ve had my aloe, garcinia, bee pollen and “free” salad.

I’ve also drank another 2 litres of water.

And I also add fibre to my shakes to bulk them out. The Forever Fibre is coming but at the moment it is not on sale in the UK.

 So tell me, how could anyone be hungry after all of those nutrients?

 I did have a little bit of a headache but that is just due to cleansing the body, it is quite normal. If you have clients with bad headaches or migraines they might need to retox a little…ie a small black coffee if they normally drink a lot of coffee.

 Tomorrow I will be trying a ultra berry smoothie of breakie or lunch so that will make a nice change. You can also add your aloe vera to the smoothie if it makes things easier.

 So remember to use your free foods throughout the programme and thereafter as you will continue to lose weight and feel great. The free foods are low GI so they keep your blood sugars level, therefore reducing cravings. The protein in the shakes also helps with this, studies show high protein diets reduce fat and cravings.

 Onwards and upwards!

Love Jane Scanlan x

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