The Burren Essences

Since 2010 The Burren Essences have been helping people deepen their connection with themselves, their relationships and their world. These vibrational essences are natural, energetic remedies which were made during a ceremonial process, using the energy of flowers, gems and the environment around them. The resulting liquid contains the vibrational imprint and energy of the environment involved.

My Essence History

After training with some of the greats in the world of Flower Essences I became more aware of my connection to flowers and the environment, all of which had a monumental effect on the way I worked as a person, and the way my emotions flowed.

In 2010 I started to make my first set of flower essences from Ireland. My family and roots are from Ireland, and I wanted to start my essence journey there. I have travelled all over Ireland many times but kept coming back to The Burren, Co Clare.

“(Burren) is a country where there is not enough water to drown a man, wood enough to hang one, nor earth enough to bury him…… and yet their cattle are very fat; for the grass growing in turfs of earth, of two or three foot square, that lie between the rocks, which are of limestone, is very sweet and nourishing.” From 1651 AD

The Burren means “great rock” and it is one of the largest karst-landscapes in Europe. It is a magical area with many varieties of flora and fauna from Arctic, Mediterranean and Alpine regions, and rolling hills composed of limestone pavements with criss cross cracks, where rich grass and flowers grow, and has an unusually temperate climate. It has a history dating back 350 million years and is one of the finest glacio-karst landscapes in the world. So this is where I had to base my first set of flower essences.

1. Open Up

Early Purple Orchid on limestone escarpment I found an open field near Eagle Rock where early purple orchids flourish. The field was exposed to the elements and surround by an old limestone wall.

After meditative proving it is believed to:

  • Help build confidence brick by brick
  • Help you recognise your feelings
  • Allow you to be different
  • Allow you to be proud of your achievements
  • Boost self confidence
  • Boost self love
  • The building block of the range, best of start with this essence first
  • Words – Stand tall. Stand alone. You can do it. Achieve. Confidence.
  • Chakra – Heart

2. Three Worlds

Wild Garlic surrounding a fairies circle under the new moon

I found a fairies circle under Eagle Rock, which was surrounded by wild garlic. It was the most perfect place to make an essence. For those of you who do not know what a fairy circle is; it’s an area surround by trees in a circle, within the circle only grass grows so the fairies can dance! Outside the circle plants grow abundantly. It was so peaceful and safe, I could have spent a life time within that circle.

After meditative proving it is believed to:

  • Help you open up to the possibilities of change
  • Help to gradually break down your barriers
  • Help you be who you really are
  • Help you feel safe and present
  • Help relieve pain
  • This is the cleanser of the range
  • Work well on the digestive system
  • Work well along side detoxes
  • The digestive cleanser of the range
  • Words – Pain relief. Safety. Feel present. Cleanse. Spiritual. Three Worlds.
  • Chakra – Crown

3. Community

Sea Pinks, seawater, beach pebbles and moon light

I came across a colony of Sea Pinks on the coast near Kinvarra, it was about 6pm and the sun was low in the sky, the tide was coming in but the sea looked like a millpond and the swallows were diving down from the sky, it was truly beautiful! I felt a real sense of community there, even though I was the only person to be seen.

After meditative proving it is believed to:

  • Help create community spirit
  • Help bond and build relationships
  • Help bring feelings freedom and life
  • Boost your flexibility
  • The relationship builder of the range
  • Words – Community. Soul. Freedom. Flexibility. Relationships.
  • Chakra – Solar Plexus

4. Sacred Protection

Sacred Well, Shield Fern and Rusty Back Fern, on sacred ground

I found a sacred well on the grounds of a fallen dwelling; shield ferns, wild garlic and hazel coppices surrounded it. It was such a spiritual and peaceful place, I felt very at home there.

On the ruin I found some rusty back fern, which is also called the resurrection fern, it can look dead but with a little water it’ll spring back to life.

After meditative proving it is believed to:

  1. Help with positive energy flow
  2. Good for pregnancies
  3. Help to connect with your roots, heritage and the universe
  4. Boost peaceful, happy and loved feelings
  5. Feminine energy
  6. The spiritual protector of the range
  7. Words – Resurrection. Survival. Life giver. Purity. Heritage. Safety.
  8. Chakra – Sacral

5. Essence 5

Bloody cranes bill

It was a beautifully hot day in the Gort lowlands, the sky was blue and breeze was cool. I walked into an open field off one of the country lanes; there was a sea of wild flowers growing. It felt like a very peaceful day.

After meditative proving it is believed to:

  • Right sided essence
  • Works well with the Glandular system
  • The physical protector of the range
  • Words –
  • Chakra – Third Eye

6. Cross Roads

Yellow flowers at Lough Bunny

It was the same beautiful hot day in the Gort lowlands, at Lough Bunny but there was no breeze at all. I found a cluster of bright yellow flowers growing in a circular grove in the limestone, no bigger than my clenched fist. The tidal level of the lough was very low and there were cross roads nearby going to Gort or Ennis or Carron or any other place for that matter!

After meditative proving it is believed to:

  • Help with thought process
  • Help you fly the nest
  • Help rise your mood
  • Help with thoughts of being stuck
  • The decision maker of the range
  • Words – Slow and steady. Don’t like change. I can’t leave. I’m stuck. Can’t leave.
  • Chakra – Base

7. Ancient Sorrow

Limestone and Rock Rose, father’s day 2010

On the first mountain I tried to climb to find limestone I was stopped by the biggest bull I’ve ever seen! So I went for a safer bet up on the coast near Kinvarra, again there were cattle at the bottom but you can start climbing the rocks immediately. When I got to my spot, the sun was beating down, and I could see for miles over the coastline and into The Burren.

After meditative proving it is believed to:

  • Help with focus
  • Help deal with grief
  • Masculine energy
  • The grief essence of the range
  • Words – “I oversee my land and grow weary of this decay. I have been here since the three worlds, the plants grow on me and mammals walk over me. The rain strips and burns me yet I keep holding on. I hold the pain and sorrow of the land and my people. There used to be so much more to me, now I grow weak.” – The voice of the Limestone
  • Chakra – Sacral

8. Reach Out

Honey Suckle growing in a limestone crevice, with a gentle sea breeze on summer solstice

2010: Walking north from Dolin along the coast, I came across a beautiful cove with a meadow above that had a limestone plateau. There were many plants growing within the cracks of the limestone but the honeysuckle jumped out at me.

After meditative proving it is believed to:

  • Help with networking
  • Connect you to your emotional self
  • Connect you to spirit
  • Promote feelings of enlightenment
  • Allows your energy to be delicate but strong
  • The networker of the range
  • Words – I may sway but I’ll hold on, I won’t fall. I rise up to the heavens.
  • Chakra – Crown

9. Sun Dance

Oxeye Daisy dancing in the breeze on summer solstice 2010

I found a field on the lane to Eagle Rock, this field would have been grazed but there were no animals on the land that day. There was a beautiful breeze which made the flowers dance and sway, and the butterflies fluttered amongst them.

After meditative proving it is believed to:

  • Help with creative expression
  • Promote free, happy and content feelings
  • Good for writer’s block
  • Good for busy, busy people
  • The creative expresser of the range
  • Words – Dance in the sunlight. Look up to the heavens and shine on.
  • Chakra – Throat

10. Love Nectar

Birds Foot Trefoil surrounded by heather on summer solstice 2010

This was made within the same field as Sun Dance, on the same day. These flowers were sheltered by heather and large ferns. The yellow flowers stood out, yet were sheltered by the larger plants around them. It felt like a very secluded area.

After meditative proving it is believed to:

  • Promote feeling of love
  • Good for breaking down heart walls
  • Good for complex people with many masks
  • Allow love energy to flow
  • The lover of the range
  • Words – Sexual passion. Lust. Love. Marriage. Wild freedom.
  • Chakra – Sacral

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