Flower Essences


What are Flower Essences?

From earliest times, flowers have held a special place in people’s lives has observed in art, jewellery, stories and paintings. Throughout the centuries a rich symbolism as grown up around plants and their flowers. People used them to represent love and desire, events, feast days, birthdays and celebrations of all kinds.

Nowadays, flowers are being used in a subtle but powerful new healing way. The essence of flowers is transferred into liquids called flower remedies or simply flower essences. These essences capture the impact of flowers on our consciousness and affect our subtle bodies in such a way that healing occurs.

Where do they originate?

 Although flower essences have been known in countries like India, China and Aboriginal Australia, and other native peoples of the world for centuries, one of the most respected names associated with their use in modern times is Dr. Edward Bach of England. Bach was born in 1886. He practised orthodox medicine specializing in bacteriology and immunology, until 1918. His increased his understanding of health and disease, which led him to the study of flower essences and homeopathy which he practiced for ten years before he died.

Flower Essences are believed to help with:

  • Physical, mental and emotional complaints
  • Pregnancy, birthing and beyond
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Anger Management
  • Pain Management

Ranges used at Forever 4ever

The world has born many ranges of Flower Essences since Bach’s day. There are flower, gem and environmental essences available from places such as Australia, France, Greece, Alaska and Ireland to name but a few. Practitioners and clients are drawn to particular sets of essences, and at present we have 6 different ranges available to use at Forever4ever. I have used all of the essences that are on my website, and have received training by many of their founders. The Burren Essences are the first set that I have made and they are comprised of 10 unique essences.

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